Sunday, 24 November 2013

Why cant i open adfly site? Is adfly fake or a scam website? How can i access ADFLY?

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Cant open up adfly site? well you must have first guessed that its a fake website. But people you guessed it all wrong. Adfly, one of the most popular URL shrinking and Advertising Network has been blocked in India by the Department of Telecommunications. People who are trying to access the site are shown this message as below. links doesn’t work in India and this move has made bloggers and webmasters using for advertising dissapointed.

Although is not working in India, the secure protocol has not been blocked yet. Users can still access their adfly account using the https secure protocol.

Q. How to access Adfly now?

Ans. Use the secure link to access your account and change all your URL’s to https instead of http

For an Example: 

           Old URL:

           New URL:

So people i hope this clears your doubt on how to access ADFLY site. Keep Shrinking, Keep Earning :)

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